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You're All Sexual Deviants


jack’s personality summed up in one tweet

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Of Mice & Men // Would You Still Be There? (x)

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all time low live // requested by anonymous

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Anonymous asked: Well, seeing that anons comment, can you link the scram in the dark smut >.<

here you go 

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Anonymous asked: I had a dream last night that Britney Spears did a cover of I'm a monster by OM&M and it was fucking awesome. She was screaming it, but mixing in a little bit of singing. Man, I should make this shit happen.

Yeah, you should make that happen actually

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OM&M at Warped.

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Anonymous asked: okay, this blog has won me over. with that scream in the dark smut. omf. i came to it. thats not even why its great. its so fluffy at the end. i love how it ended with 'especially vic' omg. thanks for helping me oragasm. tytytytytytyty.

u make me smile

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Anonymous asked: What do I write about to submit to be admin?

anything smutty

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